The pandemic has created seismic shifts in the landscape of prostate cancer care in the UK. 

With a startling 25% surge in men diagnosed with metastatic disease, alongside harrowing statistics including 52,300 annual diagnoses and 12,000 deaths, the demand on healthcare services has reached critical levels.

Disparities are intensifying the challenge

Compounded by the stark disparities in life expectancy, particularly with 1 in 4 black men affected and those with low health literacy, urgent and targeted interventions are imperative to bridge these gaps and ensure equitable access to care.

Research Driving Transformation

We have built a culture that has met this challenge head on. Our journey at PCR, from four academic research projects to an impressive twenty-three in just four years, is a testament to our unwavering commitment and the resilience of our strategic approach.

Bridging Innovation and Access

Alongside traditional academic grants we are already supporting pioneering biotechs that promise to revolutionise patient care.

Our dedication to converting research breakthroughs into tangible treatments and diagnostics is matched only by our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, embodied in the establishment of a specialized team focused on ensuring that the fruits of research reach all in need.

Amplifying Patient Voices

Central to our ethos is the amplification of the voices of those directly affected by prostate cancer, grounding our strategies and solutions in the real-world challenges they face.

Vision for a Healthier Future

Our vision for the future is bold and unwavering: to be a cornerstone in creating one of the healthiest ecosystems for any disease.

We are setting ambitious targets… 

To double our research efforts

Accelerate a dozen biotech ventures

Engage thousands in influencing change

Initiate projects to enhance equity

With advancements in technology and a deepened understanding of the disease’s intricacies, we stand on the cusp of unprecedented progress.

Our Call to Action

But we cannot achieve this alone.

We call upon you to join us in this pivotal moment, to establish enduring partnerships that will revolutionize patient care, accelerate research, and dismantle barriers to health equity. Your partnership is not just a commitment to our mission; it is a step towards a future where no life is limited by prostate cancer. Together, let us create a future where every individual has access to the care and support they deserve.